Squarespace to WordPress Migration: Step-by-Step Site Transfer Guide

Are you looking to move your Squarespace website to WordPress? Many people choose Squarespace for its ease of use and drag-and-drop simplicity. The platform makes it super easy to create new pages and posts, as well as upload a variety of media types (images, videos and audio files). While Squarespace is beginner-friendly, it has limited functionality in many regards. WordPress is much more flexible, and a far superior content management system for your website. In this post, you will learn how to quickly and effectively move your Squarespace site to self-hosted WordPress.
Reasons to migrate
When you build your website on WordPress, you have unlimited options to choose from in terms of theme selection. There are thousands of both free and paid themes available, so you’re sure to find something perfectly suited for your website.
One of the reasons WordPress is so popular is the amount of plugins available, including those for SEO, security, website speed and much more. You simply will not find another content management system with as many options as WordPress.
With self-hosted WordPress, you only need to pay for domain name registration and web hosting. I highly
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How to: Change your WordPress default administrator username

In one of our first blog posts we wrote about ways of securing a WordPress site and prevent it from being hacked. One of the tips mentioned there was about changing the WordPress default admin username.
You see most of the earlier WordPress in ||
Reasons to change the default administrator username
In one of our first blog posts we wrote about ways of securing a WordPress site and prevent it from being hacked. One of the tips mentioned there was about changing the WordPress default admin username.
You see most of the earlier WordPress installations were forced to use the “admin” name for the default administrator user role so this made their WP sites vulnerable to brute-force attacks since the attacker already new the username and had to guess or bruteforce the password and then he would be able to access your WordPress site dashboard like a boss.
From version 3.0 and on WordPress allows you to change the administrator username to a different one than the default “admin”. There are still though many WP installations which were setup prior v.3.0 or their webmasters didn’t pay special attention to this feature and used the default administrator name as
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Cheap WordPress themes – a secret trick to get quality at a low price

Have you ever said to yourself „I am not rich enough to buy cheap things”?
No matter what we look for, when we’re ready to go with the cheap option, we always expect lower quality or lower level of service. We have the same approach when it comes to premium WordPress themes. It’s in human nature to underestimate lower price goods, and it is marketers nature to use this. But what if the WP theme we know as premium somehow shows up with a discount? With such a price that you can buy it for as low as 30% off? Even WordPress themes under $20? No, it’s not Black Friday, it’s WP Budget.
Since it’s launch in 2008, ThemeForest became the world’s most popular WP theme marketplace. By the end of 2016, ThemeForest allowed developers to set up their own shop and their own theme prices. Some authors decide to use discount strategy as a promotion or to push sales on some low visible products. Instead of searching for a WordPress coupon code manually among over 11000 themes on ThemeForest, you have a neat tool that automatically checks if an author dropped the theme price.
WP Budget collects ALL cheap WordPress themes in one place and shows
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What I have found to handle GDPR Requirements – Can’t Speak Geek

The EU’s GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is coming up pretty quick. May 25, 2018 will be here before you know it. This law was actually approved back in April 2016 however had a grace period of two years before it went into full effect. Trying to understand all of the information out there is about like trying to understand tax laws with its 11 chapters and 99 articles. Most of the time it leaves you cranky and your head throbbing. The quick rundown of GDPR
Identifiable data is protected. Any data that can be used as identifiable for a visitor falls under the GDPR. This includes and not limited to name, email address, sex, race, age, address, phone number, and birth date.
It requires that consent is given. If you have the opt-in box checked by default, you need to change it so it is unmarked by default.
Parental consent will be required to process any and all personal data of children under the age of 16, can vary per member state in the EU (country) but it will not be below the age of 13.
It gives the visitor the right to know what information is being stored about them and why it is being stored.
It gives visitors the right to have their information to be removed at
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WordPress 4.9.6 Privacy and Maintenance Release

WordPress 4.9.6 is now available. This is a privacy and maintenance release. We encourage you to update your sites to take advantage of the new privacy features. Privacy
The European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) takes effect on May 25. The GDPR requires companies and site owners to be transparent about how they collect, use, and share personal data. It also gives individuals more access and choice when it comes to how their own personal data is collected, used, and shared.
It’s important to understand that while the GDPR is a European regulation, its requirements apply to all sites and online businesses that collect, store, and process personal data about EU residents no matter where the business is located.
You can learn more about the GDPR from the European Commission’s Data Protection page.
We’re committed to supporting site owners around the world in their work to comply with this important law. As part of that effort, we’ve added a number of new privacy features in this release.
Logged-out commenters will be given a choice on whether their name, email address, and website are saved in a cookie on their browser.
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Best WordPress Page Builder Guide 2018

Do you want to create or customize a wordpress blog? We will reveal the best WordPress page builders that will help you build an interactive blog or website.
We have conducted individual tests to find which WP builders offer reliable content, plugins, and themes management.
After conducting tests, we came up with following top WP builders that offer effective website building and customization to users.
Below is a list of WordPress page builders that have scored high due to their features and individual offerings:
Beaver Builder
Beaver Builder offers front-end editing feature, providing users with real-time visualization about what a finalized site would look like.
Through using Beaver Builder, a person editing a site can view it as a visitor at the time of editing. Beaver Builder offers modules that allow users to add contact forms, videos, CTA buttons, and much more.
All pages built through Beaver Builder are responsive, helping users build mobile-optimized pages. If a user wants to build a site from scratch, Beaver Builder offers templates for better landing and content pages.
Thrive Architect
Thrive Architect is a strong front-end builder that offers true visualization of what a
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[RESULTS] WordPress Hosting Survey 2018 – The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of WordPress Hosting

What you’re about to read are the results of our 2018 WordPress hosting survey – aka. “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of WordPress Hosting.” Yep, we have good, we have bad, and we indeed do have ugly. This is our third annual WordPress hosting survey, and the more we do these, the more interesting things get and the more insights we discover!
But hold off on that for a minute, let’s start somewhere else…
First, we want to thank everybody who took a couple of minutes out of their busy daily schedules to complete the survey and review their current hosting providers. We got 830 valid responses in total, which makes this one of the biggest WordPress hosting surveys to date! It’s because of you that this was possible!
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