Adapting An Existing AWS S3 Application To DigitalOcean Spaces

We set out to give WordPress users an easy solution to offload their Media Library to Spaces We built the Media Library Folders Pro to help WordPress users better manage their Media Library and files with real folders. Many Media Library Folders Pro users rely on the plugin to help them manage especially large Media Libraries – the type that can quickly fill up a server.
These are the types of users who can benefit most from offloading their files to a service like Spaces and serving them either directly, or through a CDN.
In the WordPress space, however, there’s no core functionality to help users offload their Media Library to a service like Spaces. As DigitalOcean users ourselves, we understand the benefit of being able to work within the DigitalOcean platform, which is why we set out to give WordPress users an easy solution to offload their Media Library to DigitalOcean Spaces.
In this post, we’ll detail how we adapted our existing Media Library Folders Pro S3 and Spaces extension to work with DigitalOcean Spaces.
Launched in November 2017, Spaces is DigitalOcean’s object storage service. It has a number of similarities to AWS S3, though it’s notably easier for end users to


WordPress Social Media Plugin – The Definitive Guide

Are you getting confused about choosing the best WordPress social media plugin for your blog? A social media plugin helps any content to become viral by offering features like social sharing buttons and social follow buttons.
Social sharing buttons placed near the content makes it easy for the reader to spot and share the content.
Social follow buttons placed at proper places can drive a lot of visitors to your social media profiles or pages.
More visitors means more user engagement.
A large number of free and paid social media plugins are available for WordPress which makes it very difficult to choose the best plugin from this large repository.
This collection is aimed at making it easy to choose from best available social media plugins.
How to choose Best Social Media Plugin for WordPress?
The evaluation parameters can be performance and utility.
Filling up all the empty space of your site with social media icons may degrade the user experience.
So, it is wise to use only those social networks which are used in social media marketing for your niche.
Also, if the plugin is too heavy, it will slow down your site and increase the response time.
And if your site is slow, then it will

Open source sustainability – TechCrunch

Open source sustainability has been nothing short of an oxymoron. Engineers around the world pour their sweat and frankly, their hearts into these passion projects that undergird all software in the modern internet economy. In exchange, they ask for nothing in return except for recognition and help in keeping their projects alive and improving them. It’s an incredible movement of decentralized voluntarism and represents humanity at its best. The internet and computing giants — the heaviest users of open source in the world — are collectively worth trillions of dollars, but you would be remiss in thinking that their wealth has somehow trickled down to the maintainers of the open source projects that power them. Working day jobs, maintainers today can struggle to find the time to fix critical bugs, all the while facing incessant demands from users requesting free support on GitHub. Maintainer burnout is a monstrous challenge.
That distressing situation was chronicled almost exactly two years ago by Nadia Eghbal, in a landmark report on the state of open source published by the Ford Foundation. Comparing open source infrastructure to “roads and bridges,” Eghbal

User Testing Gutenberg

A new WordPress content editing experience—Gutenberg—is coming soon to WordPress core, and 10up’s User Experience team is eager to understand how it will impact the experience for content creators. As a starting point, I created a usability test to study the experiences of professional, digital content publishers who are used to writing stories in the current editor. Building on other Gutenberg usability tests that focused on re-creating a prescribed layout, I instead asked professional writers to produce the same kind of content they already produce every day: write a simple story. The user test asked ten participants to complete the following prompt:
Write a news-style blog post about somewhere interesting you have visited. Please include the following elements in your post:
A title
A paragraph or two about the place
An image
An extra item such as a video or blockquote
These tests were taken with Gutenberg 2.9.2 (the current build at the time the test was created). As of this post, the current version is 3.0.1.
During the unmoderated test, participants described what they were thinking as they progressed through the task. Their words and screen movements were recorded

6 Steps for Better Web Design and Website Development Process

A well structured and effective process plan is important to remain viable in any business. Web designing is not an exception to this. An amazing website is one which completes some or the other goals of the website. As a web designer and web developer, you can become a leader when you know the strategy of making a web design that works. Although HTML, CSS and other codes are an important part of a web designing, a powerful designing strategy is what you should focus.
Being a part of Solwin Infotech for years, I have found the essence of web designing and web development which I am going to share today.
Do you feel like you are in a repeat mode of completing the same tasks? A slight modification, save and continue is your daily web design cycle?
Many web designers know that web designing has to be done in a manner but fail to follow. Hence this post should be bookmarked for future web designing work.
As every project is different, there is no specific web design process but these tips are basics for web designers to ensure that they are in right direction. This article explains web designing as a more evolved type of activity.
1. Strategy Making
Before we start any designing process
Source: Buys Atavist, Maker of Subscription Publishing Software

Publishers are increasingly turning to digital subscriptions in an ultracompetitive digital ad market dominated by Facebook and Google. That is one reason why Automattic, the owner of the popular publishing platform sold by, has acquired the technology and publishing company Atavist in a bid to expand the suite of subscription and membership tools it offers to its customers.
The deal encompasses Atavist’s proprietary content management system, its customer base and the Atavist Magazine, which publishes long-form journalism every month.
The companies wouldn’t disclose the financial terms of the deal.
The acquisition represents a resolution of sorts for Atavist, a Brooklyn-based digital startup launched in 2011 to give independent publishers tools to create content and make money from it. The company was founded by Nick Thompson, now the editor in chief of Wired; Evan Ratliff, a contributor to the New Yorker and Wired; and Jefferson Rabb, a programmer.
Atavist’s primary product is a publishing software platform with free and paid tiers. The free version allows users to create their own home pages and build multimedia stories; the paid tiers allow users

A browser extension that makes GitHub cleaner & more powerful

Refined GitHub Browser extension that simplifies the GitHub interface and adds useful features
We use GitHub a lot and notice many annoyances we’d like to fix. So here be dragons.
Our hope is that GitHub will notice and implement some of these much needed improvements. So if you like any of these improvements, please email GitHub support about doing it.
GitHub Enterprise is also supported. More info in the options.
Latest changes (Updated regularly. Subscribe!)
Product Hunt submission (2017-07-08)
What’s new lately (2017-06-23)
Original announcement (2016-03-31)
Chrome extension
Firefox add-on
Opera extension: Use this Opera extension to install the Chrome version.
Mark issues and pull requests as unread
(They will reappear in Notifications)
No more jumps caused by recently pushed branches
(They are moved to the side)
Reaction avatars showing who reacted to a comment
The option to wait for checks when merging a PR
Clickable references to issues and pull requests
Links to an issue’s closing commit or pull request
Added features
Toggle all outdated PR comments or PR/commit files with alt click.
Copy the canonical link of a file with the y hotkey.
Indent text with tab