What’s new in Gutenberg? (11th August)

This one includes a few new blocks. New Categories Block (based on existing widget).
New Text Columns Block (initial exploration of text-only multiple columns).
New Video Block.
New Shortcode Block.
New Audio Block.
Added resizing handlers to Image Block.
Added direct image upload button to Image Block and Gallery Block.
Give option to transform a block to Classic when it encounters problems.
Give option to Overwrite changes on a block detected as invalid.
Added “link to” option in galleries.
Added support for custom taxonomies.
Added post formats selector to post settings.
Added keywords support (aliases) to various blocks to improve search discovery.
Significant improvements to the way attributes are specified in the Block API and its clarity (handles defaults and types).
Added Tooltip component displaying aria-labels from buttons.
Updated design document.
Other changes:
Capture and recover from block rendering runtime errors.
Handle enter when focusing on outer boundary of a block.
Reduce galleries json attributes data to a minimum.
Added caption styles to the front-end for images and embeds.
Added missing front-end alignment classes for table and cover-text blocks.
Source: https://managewp.org/articles/15851/what-s-new-in-gutenberg-11th-august


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